Designed for handing medium to high viscous molasses product. The lobe design offers high suction power at low speeds with only two moving parts resulting in exceptional reliability with very low maintenance.


  • Molasses
  • Medium to High viscosity fluids

Flow rate


Main Advantages

  • Low operating speeds producing high output
  • Minimal maintenance with two moving parts
  • Sturdy design with options in stainless steel or cast steel internals
  • The pump operates in both directions without changing parts

The MP Pump performance

Pump Sizes

Capacity Per Hour

MP1-M Up to 10m3 @80 rpm
MP2-M Up to 20m3 @80 rpm
MP4-M Up to 40m3 @80 rpm
MP6-M Up to 60m3 @80 rpm
MP12-M Up to 120m3 @80 rpm